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  2. Hali Industrial co.,ltd.

    Hali Industrial co.,ltd.

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    Single photochromic pigment
    Product name : Single photochromic pigment
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    Product name
    Photochromic pigment
    Main color
    From colorless to colored: purple, red, blue, sky blue, green,  orange, yellow.
    Color change principle
    When it is exposure to UV-light or sunlight, after absorbing energy from the light, it goes from colorless to colored. The product returns to the original color when no irradiation.
    Particle size
    Product storage
    Keep sealed in a dark, dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
    For 2 years.
    Application area
    Coatings: suitable for all kinds of surface coatings, include PMMA spray paint, ABS spray paint, PVC spray paint and so on. Printing ink: fabrics, paper, composite films, glass and available for various types of plastic PP, PVC, ABS, silicone rubber and other transparent or semi-transparent plastic injection molding, extrusion molding.
    1. The most suitable selecting base material’s PH value should be 7~9.
    2. Photochromic materials’ light fatigue occuring because of high humidity and excessive UV light exposure, it is recommended to add light absorber and antioxidant to reduce its light fatigue.
    3. While using additives, such as antioxidant, heat stabilizer, UV light absorber and inhibitor, to increase the light fatigue of the photochromic material, the additives’ adding ratio is based on the using media set, error ratio will accelerate light fatigue.
    4. Photochromic material do not contain any harmful substance to human, it meet the safety standards of toys and food packaging.
    5. Temperatures resistance: 220 centigrade.

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