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  2. Hali Industrial co.,ltd.

    Hali Industrial co.,ltd.

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    Contact Us

    Name: Jency He
    Tel: +86-519-83754668
    Fax: +86-519-83754668
    Mobile: +86-13501834707
    E-mail: halipigment@yahoo.com
    Add: No.108 Shiyuan Road,Changzhou,Jiangsu.
    Skype: halipigment
    MSN: halipigment@hotmail.com
    QQ: 2443459246
    MSN: halipigment@hotmail.com Skype: halipigment QQ: 2443459246

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012.

    Author : Date : 12/26/2011 8:29:07 AM

    We from Hali Group Wish you an excellent Merry Christmas Day and Happy New Year 2012.
    Jency; Louis;Jane;Wushan….
    Imp&Exp Dep
    Dec 25,2011.